The History of Violence & Ethnological Discrimination in Europe

I said this in one of my recent blogs talking about transforming victimhood to heroism. Ever since I moved to Europe, I’ve spent a lot of time visiting museums, historical landmarks, and taking in their history. When you step back and look at it, Caucasian archives are a superfluity with thousands of years of ethological based ferocity and violence against others. One can conclude that they are violent people. They enslaved each other long before they went to Africa, and they have a history of discrimination and prejudice among each other. They pillaged, raped, and warred and dominated each other before they colonized the world.

One can conclude that they are violent people. 

In reality, one could conclude that violence is in their nature. These are the facts. I believe that is one of the reasons why they were able to dominate the world. The Europeans had a lot of experience at war when the societies they colonized were rather peaceful and rather welcoming. Back then, European nations were not as embracing of foreigners as the Africans, Indians, or even the Arabs. Even with Jesus Christ and Christianity, they used a class system that preyed on the underprivileged.*

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