Sitting the Bottle Down for Six Months

Sitting the bottle down for six months, last year, while enduring the Covid lockdown in Berlin, I woke up one night to find Nas’s “King Disease” on Apple Music. I started to reflect on life. What are the negative result of success? I asked myself. I began to speculate on the Seven Deadly Sins. The word “deadly” had a clear meaning. Lust can result in sexual accusation, sexually transmitted infection, or unplanned paternity. Gluttony leads to diabetes, obesity, or heart disease. Greed causes hoarding, theft, materialism, and even war. Sloth can make someone lethargic and unreachable. In this way, living self-pity while blaming others for their failures. Anger can lead to rage, murder, hatred, revenge, or other similar emotionally unhealthy behaviors.

Envy can result in jealousy, ingratitude, dissatisfaction, or covetousness. Pride can make us forget about our mortality and look down on others as if we are better then them. We could become preoccupied with vanity and things of that nature. Alcohol fuels all of these perverted emotions which leads to poor health. Hence why they are deadly sins. I thought about how the lockdown affected everyone. How it caused many independent women, (who previously claimed to need no one), to live in misery, despair, and loneliness. I also saw men fall into depression, substance abuse, and alcoholism. And I noticed that when you’re not looking for food, alcohol, sex, or money, there’s often nowhere to go. It made me ponder about how abundance can make a king weak.

If you’re not careful, the availability of money and affluence can lead to emotional or psychological gout. Does it make sense? Moderation has become a very important habit to develop. One of the simplest pleasures that one can afford is booze. So the question is what happens when we sit the bottle down and forget about it for a bit? How does that impact our lives? That’s what I decided to do. My dietician had been urging me to take up yoga and meditation along with a healthy diet program. But I had been reluctant to do that because I wanted the freedom to eat, and drink while enjoying some pleasures. Then it hit me. Mayby I should try not drinking any alcohol for six months and see how it goes. So I sit the bottle down.*

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