In Support of Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual & Transgender Community

Shouldn’t have to say this. We live in a time when people assume things. Some people believe that the rumors they’ve heard, from someone who thought something, is fact. I really don’t care what people think or say. Their words and opinions can never prevent me from enjoying the successes that life brings to me. However, let me set the record straight. I never have, ever in all my thirteen years of blogging, written anything about same-sex behaviors in Canada. There is no place where you will find me addressing that topic.

In some of my blogs, I’ve talked about going to gay clubs in New Jersey (years before I ever went to Canada), Toronto and Brussels. I’ve attended the Pride parade in Toronto twice. I have gay friends as well. When you fact-check my previous work, you will see that I made a point to state that I do not promote a gay agenda that may compel heterosexual people to dress, behave or have access to gay materials or information if it was not their wish to do so.

I am against the hatred of people who do not accept homosexuality for religious reasons except if they choose to persecute or mistreat gay people. I’ve written a blog about gay rights in Africa where I’ve said from a historical and cultural standpoint, homosexuality was never a significant element in African communities. I spoke of the religious and cultural ramifications of gay rights in Africa. However, at no time did I write about same-sex activity in Canada.

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