2020 Prevarications of the Global COVID-19 Plandemic

Although I will not pretend to have medical qualifications, I happen to believe that the coronavirus is an airborne microorganism. It has to exist in the atmosphere. I would consider a setback of the chemtrails that the authorities keep spraying on us. Health workers have often said that most infections often spread in one of three ways. 1. Physical contact. 2. Physical contact with droplets. Or 3. Inhaling the infected air. Given the speed with which the coronavirus has spread through advanced countries such as Italian, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States, we can speculate that many of the infected victims did not touch anything physically. However, this does not exclude droplets and touches as factors for spreading the virus.

It has to exist in the atmosphere. I would consider a backfire of the chemtrails that the authorities keep spraying on us.

What is unique about the possible cause and the rapid spread of this coronavirus is that we all breathe air, and governments in the developed countries that are currently infected also spray chemtrails into the atmosphere. Should we relate this to air pollution? If so, we could all get this virus. If my speculations are correct, the only safe people are those in Third World countries where their governments cannot afford to spray chemtrails into the sky. They have only tested a few people. That is, the experts have insisted that if more people are infected, they can spread the virus without realizing it. I’ve seen a documentary about it, and it seems much stricter than we imagine. What is the origin, and how does this deadly virus spread so quickly? 

Now I have nothing against the Chinese. I just don’t understand why some of them eat certain types of creatures. Damn it, homie, that thing eats bats, is that the kind of delicacy you want on your grill? “Before the Huanan market closed, the vendors reportedly sold seafood, meat, and live animals, including chickens, donkeys, sheep, pigs, foxes, badgers, bamboo rats, hedgehogs, and snakes.” One article stated that the current global plandemic started with the consumption of an infected pangolin. Do they really taste like chicken? Some researchers hypothesized that the rare mammal is an endangered species that the Chinese continue to slaughter in “wet markets.” Some people claimed that the pangolin ate an infected bat before being consumed in Wuhan, China.

I’ve heard conspiracy theorists suggest that it is manmade. Or, it came about due to carelessness and poor taste.

I read an article that said the virus comes from bats. The chemtrails idea was mine. General information states that the virus jumped from animal to human and spread quickly. It now threatens billions of lives. I’m not blaming every Chinese person, but many have said that this virus comes from China. Or did it? I’ve heard some conspiracy theorists claim it was man-made. That it came from a laboratory, or it was the result of negligence. Why do the Chinese eat strange animals? A pangolin, right? Now the whole world is in danger, hundreds of thousands of sick people, thousands of more deaths. Essential business opportunities are currently on hold while the strength of the global economy dangles on a thin thread. Is it China’s virus? We are sorry!

This is a plandemic of epic proportions. It almost feels like Devine retribution of a global magnitude. Yes. So far, the number of reported cases has been staggering. Keywords are reported cases. When you look at the COVID-19 map that tracks the reported cases around the world and considers the countries with world-class doctors and nurses that are not overwhelmed with a high number of cases, you find the impact of this coronavirus is like 911 to countries like Italy and Spain. Could Europe have imported doctors and nurses from Africa? Or maybe add India to the list of countries that can import doctors and nurses to help control the spread in the most severely affected regions? Right now, it looks like it hit the US and Italy the hardest.

The authorities have to move fast before some natural disaster compounds the situation. If we don’t stop the virus now, there could be other serious problems later. When I see the devastation that this plandemic caused Europe, it makes me consider it as an apocalyptic disaster. World Governments have to realize this, step in, and deploy healthcare workers like they would deploy UN or NATO troops in a conventional war. This plandemic is a test of whether our modern civilization can defeat such outbreaks much sooner and in a most robust manner than say the 1918 epidemic. And the world has to move fast because what if there was a natural disaster on top of this plandemic? What if there was a flood or an earthquake? That could change the narrative.

As Americans, we assume that we are the best, which we can be in many instances.

I know we have the Red Cross, WHO, and Doctors Without Borders, but this plandemic could be a sign that we need to resource a global healthcare force that has the mandate to take on global epidemics. In my opinion, healthcare workers have now graduated into the category of soldiers. If we have UN Peacekeeping forces as well as a NATO force, then we need one that is dedicated to fighting viruses and disease as if they too are credible treats on a global frontier. Just like President Donald Trump’s Space Force. Something new has to be created. And when you look at how we responded, there was minimal sympathy for anyone. We handled the situation selfishly. It was every country for themselves when the plandemic had a global ramification.

Now, I’m a proud US citizen and always will be, so this is not a knock. However, I’ve lived in the ex-pat community for fourteen years now – ten in Canada, where I was a permanent resident and four in Europe. One of the most important things I’ve learned as an American living abroad is to be a bit quieter in particular circumstances. As Americans, we assume that we are the best, which we can be in many instances. Still, in some tricky cases, I’ve seen nationals from other countries dominate in a few trivial categories. It has caused me not to jump in front of the pack like I usually would. In street terms, I’ve learned to fall back and let them hold that. Ever prepared so whenever the buck falls on me, individually, I’d rise above the circumstances.*

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